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Free Black & White Logo Collection Inspired by Major Brands



Dive into our unique collection of black and white logos inspired by iconic brands. These logos are designed to help startups and students understand the power of strong visual identities. While they draw on the style elements of famous logos, each piece has been distinctly altered to offer a fresh perspective without infringing on trademarks.

Usage Note:

These logos are provided in black and white to emphasize their educational value and to facilitate non-commercial use. They are ideal for academic projects, personal study, and conceptual development. Each design is a generic version that mirrors the aesthetic qualities of well-known logos while maintaining a safe distance from any direct imitation.

Legal Disclaimer


  • Trademark Concerns: The logos provided are inspired by but not identical to those of established brands. They have been significantly modified to ensure no direct infringement of trademarked designs.
  • Non-commercial Use: These logos are intended for educational purposes and personal projects. They should not be used commercially without further modifications.
  • Liability: Users are responsible for ensuring that the logos do not violate the trademark rights of any company if used in public or commercial settings. DAY OF DESIGN assumes no liability for any trademark infringement issues that arise from improper use of these designs.
  • Consultation Recommended: We strongly recommend consulting with a legal professional if you plan to adapt these designs for commercial use to ensure full compliance with trademark laws.


This approach not only provides a valuable resource for those interested in design but also ensures that users are fully informed of their responsibilities and the legal boundaries. This clarity helps protect both the users and your business from potential legal complications.


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