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Free Black & White Standard Social Media Icons Collection



Boost your digital presence with DAY OF DESIGN’s Standard Social Media Icons Collection. This set includes professionally designed icons for popular platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Tailored to meet the official guidelines of each platform, these icons are perfect for enhancing your website, blog, or digital marketing materials with recognized symbols that are instantly identifiable by your audience.

Usage Note

These icons are designed to integrate seamlessly into your digital platforms, providing a polished and professional look that aligns with the branding of major social networks. Use these icons to direct visitors to your social media profiles, improving engagement and connectivity with your audience.

Technical Specifications

Formats Available: High-quality SVG for lossless scalability.

Official Design: Each icon adheres to the specific brand guidelines of the respective social media platform.

License and Compliance: These icons replicate the official logos and must be used in compliance with each platform’s branding guidelines.

Important Legal Notice

Trademark Compliance: These icons are recreations of existing social media logos, which are trademarks of their respective companies. They have been designed to comply with each platform’s branding guidelines but should be used in a manner that does not imply endorsement or official affiliation.

Intended Use: These icons should only be used for linking to your respective social media accounts or for editorial purposes where such depiction of the social media platforms is necessary.

Liability: DAY OF DESIGN is not responsible for any misuse of these icons that may infringe on the trademarks of the social media platforms.

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